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4dr Wgn T5 AWD AWD 4dr Auto Sport AWD 4dr Wgn T6 114.6" XLT w/side & rear door privacy glass 1500 5dr Crew Cab 130" WB 4WD 2.5 RS Auto 2.5L Turbo 2.5L Turbo Auto w/Sunroof 2.5i Ltd Auto 2.5i Premium 2.5i Premium CVT 2.5i Premium Sedan 2007 4dr Sdn Manual 2.0T quattro 230i Convertible 2500 4WD 2WD 4dr 4-cyl Sport 2WD 4dr I4 EX 2WD 4dr I4 LX 2WD 4dr LE 2WD 4dr LX 2WD 4dr V6 LX 2WD 4dr V8 Limited 2WD 5dr EX 2WD Access Cab I4 AT 2WD Ext Cab 143.5" LT 2WD Reg 145.7" V6 2WD Reg Cab 119.0" Work Truck w/2WT 2WD Reg Cab 133.0" Work Truck 2dr Auto 1.8T Entry PZEV *Ltd Avail* 2dr Auto 1.8T PZEV 2dr Auto AWD 2dr Auto LX 2dr CVT EX 2dr Cabriolet Carrera S 2dr Cabriolet quattro 2.0T Premium 2dr Conv 2dr Conv 335i 2dr Conv 435i RWD 2dr Conv Arc 2dr Conv LT w/1LT 2dr Conv Man Grand Touring 2dr Conv Premium 2dr Conv Standard 2dr Conv V6 Auto SE Sport 2dr Conv V6 Premium 2dr Convertible 2dr Convertible 4WD 2dr Convertible Cambiocorsa 2dr Cpe 2dr Cpe 1LT 2dr Cpe 2SS 2dr Cpe 3.5L 2dr Cpe 328xi AWD 2dr Cpe 428i xDrive AWD SULEV 2dr Cpe 435i RWD 2dr Cpe Auto GS 2dr Cpe Enthusiast Auto 2dr Cpe GLS Auto 2dr Cpe GranTurismo S 2dr Cpe GranTurismo Sport 2dr Cpe I4 CVT 2.5 S 2dr Cpe LS 2dr Cpe LT w/1LT 2dr Cpe LT w/2LT 2dr Cpe Manual Touring 2dr Cpe Performance RWD 2dr Cpe Premium 2dr Cpe Premium AWD 2dr Cpe R/T Scat Pack 2dr Cpe S 2dr Cpe SPT Auto 2dr Cpe SS w/1SS 2dr Cpe SS w/2SS 2dr Cpe SXT 2dr Cpe V6 Premium 2dr Cpe Z06 w/3LZ 2dr Cpe Z16 Grand Sport w/2LT 2dr Fastback GT 2dr HB 2dr HB BATTERY ELECTRIC 2dr I4 2.0T Auto Premium 2dr I4 CVT EX 2dr I4 CVT EX-L 2dr IPL 2dr IPL RWD 2dr Journey 2dr Man Si 2dr Reg Cab 135" WB HD 2dr Roadster sDrive30i 2dr Roadster sDrive35is 2dr Rubicon 2dr Stingray Cpe w/3LT 330Ci 2dr Cpe 3dr CVT LX 3dr Cpe Auto 3dr Cpe Auto RE:FLEX w/Red Int 3dr Cpe Auto Turbo 3dr Cpe Auto w/Black Int 3dr Cpe Auto w/Gray Int 3dr Cpe Man Turbo 3dr Cpe Man Turbo R-Spec 3dr HB Auto GS 4MATIC 4dr GL550 4MATIC 4dr GLK350 4MATIC 4dr ML350 4MOTION 4dr Auto S 4WD 2dr Sahara 4WD 2dr Sport 4WD 4dr 4WD 4dr 1500 LS 4WD 4dr 1500 LTZ 4WD 4dr 1500 SLT 4WD 4dr 4-cyl 4-Spd AT Ltd 4WD 4dr 4-cyl Limited 4WD 4dr 7-passenger 4WD 4dr Auto Pro-4X 4WD 4dr Auto S 4WD 4dr Denali 4WD 4dr EX 4WD 4dr EX-L 4WD 4dr EX-L w/Navi 4WD 4dr EX-L w/RES 4WD 4dr HSE 4WD 4dr Heat 4WD 4dr I4 4WD 4dr I4 Limited 4WD 4dr LS 4WD 4dr LT 4WD 4dr LT w/1LT 4WD 4dr LTZ 4WD 4dr LX 4WD 4dr Laredo 4WD 4dr Latitude 4WD 4dr Limited 4WD 4dr Luxury 4WD 4dr Overland 4WD 4dr Platinum 4WD 4dr Premium 4WD 4dr Rubicon 4WD 4dr SE 4WD 4dr SE *Ltd Avail* 4WD 4dr SL 4WD 4dr SLE2 4WD 4dr SLT 4WD 4dr SV 4WD 4dr Sahara 4WD 4dr Sport 4WD 4dr Summit 4WD 4dr Titanium 4WD 4dr Touring w/RES & Navi 4WD 4dr Trailhawk 4WD 4dr V6 Base 4WD 4dr V6 Limited 4WD 4dr V6 5-Spd AT 4WD 4dr V6 Auto LX 4WD 4dr V6 Auto XLT 4WD 4dr V6 Limited 4WD 4dr V6 S 4WD 4dr V6 SE 4WD 4dr V6 SR5 4WD 4dr V6 SV 4WD 4dr V6 Sport 4WD 4dr V8 Sport 4WD 4dr V8 XLT 4WD 4dr XLT 4WD 5.7L Limited 4WD 5dr EX 4WD 5dr EX-L 4WD 5dr EX-L w/Navi 4WD 5dr SE 4WD Access Cab I4 MT 4WD Access I4 MT 4WD Crew Cab 126.0" LT w/2LT 4WD Crew Cab 126.0" SLE1 4WD Crew Cab 140.5" Big Horn 4WD Crew Cab 140.5" Express 4WD Crew Cab 140.5" Laramie 4WD Crew Cab 140.5" Outdoorsman 4WD Crew Cab 140.5" SLT 4WD Crew Cab 140.5" Tradesman 4WD Crew Cab 143.5" Denali 4WD Crew Cab 143.5" LS 4WD Crew Cab 143.5" LT 4WD Crew Cab 143.5" LT w/1LT 4WD Crew Cab 143.5" LTZ 4WD Crew Cab 143.5" SLE 4WD Crew Cab 143.5" SLT 4WD Crew Cab 149" Big Horn 4WD Crew Cab 149" Laramie 4WD Crew Cab 149" Sport 4WD Crew Cab 153.0" SLT 4WD Crew Cab 153.7" Denali 4WD Crew Cab 167.7" Denali 4WD Crew Cab 167.7" SLT 4WD Crew Cab 169" Tradesman 4WD Crew Cab 172" Lariat 4WD Crew Cab 172" XL 4WD Crew Cab SL Gas 4WD Crew Cab SWB Auto SL 4WD Crew Cab SWB Auto SV 4WD Crew Cab SWB SV 4WD Double 128 V6 AT 4WD Double Cab 143.5" 4WD Double Cab 143.5" LT w/1LT 4WD Double Cab 143.5" LT w/2LT 4WD Double Cab 143.5" LTZ w/2LZ 4WD Double Cab 143.5" SLE 4WD Double Cab 143.5" SLT 4WD Double Cab 143.5" Work Truck w/1WT 4WD Double Cab LB V6 AT 4WD Double Cab V6 AT 4WD Double LB V6 AT 4WD Double V6 AT 4WD EX AT 4WD EX Auto 4WD EX-L AT 4WD EX-L AT with RES 4WD Ext Cab 143.5" LT 4WD Ext Cab 143.5" LTZ 4WD Ext Cab 143.5" SLE 4WD Ext Cab 157.5" LT 4WD King Cab Auto SE 4WD King Cab Auto SV 4WD LV8 6-Spd AT Platinum 4WD Quad Cab 140.5" Big Horn 4WD Quad Cab 140.5" Express 4WD Quad Cab 140.5" Laramie 4WD Quad Cab 140.5" Tradesman 4WD SuperCrew 145" FX4 4WD SuperCrew 145" Lariat 4WD SuperCrew 145" Limited 4WD SuperCrew 145" Platinum 4WD SuperCrew 157" FX4 4WD SuperCrew 157" Lariat 4WD SuperCrew 157" XLT 4WD Supercab 133" XLT 4WD Supercab 145" XLT 4WD V6 5dr EX-L 4WD V6 Auto Touring 4dr 114" WB 4.0L Eddie Bauer 4WD 4dr 114" WB 4.6L Eddie Bauer 4WD 4dr 114" WB XLT 4WD 4dr 1500 4WD LT 4dr 2.5L Auto 4dr 4WD Denali 4dr 4WD LS 4dr 4WD LT 4dr 4WD Luxury 4dr 4WD SLE 4dr AWD 4dr Auto 2.0L S w/Technology 4dr Auto 2.0i 4dr Auto 2.0i Limited 4dr Auto 2.0i Premium 4dr Auto 2.5X Limited 4dr Auto 2.5X Premium w/All-Weather Pkg PZEV 4dr Auto 2.5X w/Alloy Wheel Value Pkg 4dr Auto 2.5X w/Special Edition Pkg 4dr Auto 2.5i Limited PZEV 4dr Auto 2.5i PZEV 4dr Auto 2.5i Premium PZEV 4dr Auto 4WD 4dr Auto EX 4dr Auto EX-L 4dr Auto EX-L w/Navi 4dr Auto LX 4dr Auto LX-S 4dr Auto S 4dr Auto S PZEV *Ltd Avail* 4dr Auto SE PZEV 4dr Auto X 4dr CVT 2.0XT Touring 4dr CVT 2.0i 4dr CVT 2.0i Limited 4dr CVT 2.0i Premium 4dr CVT 2.5i Limited PZEV 4dr CVT 2.5i PZEV 4dr CVT 2.5i Premium PZEV 4dr CVT 2.5i Touring PZEV 4dr CVT EX 4dr CVT EX-L 4dr CVT EX-L w/Navi 4dr CVT LX 4dr DSG Wolfsburg 4dr DSG Wolfsburg PZEV 4dr Ext WB w/1SA Pkg 4dr GLS 4WD 2.7L Auto 4dr H4 AT i 4dr H4 Auto Ltd 4dr H4 Auto Ltd w/VDC 4dr H4 Auto Special Edition 4dr H4 Turbo MT GT Spec B 4dr HB 4dr HB AWD 4dr HB Auto TSI S 4dr HB DSG 4dr HB R/T 4dr HB SXT 4dr HB SXT FWD 4dr HB quattro 3.0 Premium Plus 4dr HB quattro 3.0 Prestige 4dr I4 AT EX-L 4dr I4 AT LX SE 4dr I4 Auto EX 4dr I4 Auto EX-L 4dr I4 Auto LX-P 4dr I4 CVT EX 4dr I4 CVT EX-L 4dr I4 CVT EX-L w/Navi 4dr I4 CVT LX 4dr I4 CVT Sport 4dr I4 Man EX 4dr I4 Man LX 4dr LE 4dr LWB Limited FWD 4dr Laredo 4WD 4dr Limited 4dr Limited 4-cyl 4WD 4dr Limited 4WD 4dr Limited AWD 4dr Limited FWD 4dr Man 1.8T Sport PZEV 4dr Man 2.0i 4dr Man 2.5i PZEV 4dr Man GLI PZEV 4dr Man SE PZEV 4dr Manual 4WD 4dr Manual SE w/Convenience & Sunroof PZEV 4dr Quad Cab 131" WB SLT 4dr S 4WD V6 Auto 4dr S V6 AWD 4dr SE V6 AWD 4dr SEL AWD 4dr SEL FWD 4dr SR5 Sport V6 Auto 4WD 4dr SUV AWD 4dr SXT 4dr Sdn 4dr Sdn 1.8T Auto R-Line w/Comfort Pkg PZEV 4dr Sdn 1.8T Auto S PZEV 4dr Sdn 1.8T Auto SE PZEV 4dr Sdn 1.8T Auto SE w/Technology PZEV 4dr Sdn 2.0L AWD 4dr Sdn 2.0L Luxury AWD 4dr Sdn 2.0L Luxury Collection AWD 4dr Sdn 2.0L Performance AWD 4dr Sdn 2.0L Premium AWD 4dr Sdn 2.0L Standard RWD 4dr Sdn 2.0L Tech Pkg 4dr Sdn 2.0L Turbo AWD 4dr Sdn 2.0L Turbo Luxury AWD 4dr Sdn 2.0L Turbo Luxury Collection AWD 4dr Sdn 2.0L Turbo Performance AWD 4dr Sdn 2.0L Turbo RWD 4dr Sdn 2.0T Auto SE 4dr Sdn 2.0T Auto SX 4dr Sdn 2.4L Auto GLS 4dr Sdn 2.4L Auto GLS PZEV 4dr Sdn 2.4L Auto LX 4dr Sdn 2.4L Auto Limited 4dr Sdn 2.4L Auto Limited PZEV 4dr Sdn 2.4L Auto SE 4dr Sdn 2.4L Limited 4dr Sdn 2.4L SE 4dr Sdn 2.4L SE PZEV 4dr Sdn 2.4L Sport 4dr Sdn 2.4L Sport PZEV 4dr Sdn 2.5L Auto SE PZEV 4dr Sdn 2.5L Turbo MT AWD w/Snrf 4dr Sdn 2.5i Limited PZEV 4dr Sdn 2.5i Premium PZEV 4dr Sdn 2WD Tech 4dr Sdn 3.0L Luxury AWD 4dr Sdn 3.0L RWD 4dr Sdn 3.5 S 4dr Sdn 3.5 SR 4dr Sdn 3.5 SV 4dr Sdn 3.5 SV w/Sport Pkg 4dr Sdn 3.6L Luxury AWD 4dr Sdn 3.6L Performance AWD 4dr Sdn 3.6L Performance RWD 4dr Sdn 3.6L Premium AWD 4dr Sdn 3.6L Premium Collection AWD 4dr Sdn 3.6L Premium RWD 4dr Sdn 3.7L AWD 4dr Sdn 300C AWD 4dr Sdn 300S AWD 4dr Sdn 320i xDrive AWD South Africa 4dr Sdn 328i xDrive AWD SULEV 4dr Sdn 328i xDrive AWD SULEV South Africa 4dr Sdn 328i xDrive AWD South Africa 4dr Sdn 335i RWD 4dr Sdn 335i xDrive AWD 4dr Sdn 335i xDrive AWD South Africa 4dr Sdn 35t Premium AWD 4dr Sdn 5.5L V8 4MATIC 4dr Sdn 528i xDrive AWD 4dr Sdn 530xi AWD 4dr Sdn 535d xDrive AWD 4dr Sdn 550i xDrive AWD 4dr Sdn 750Li 4dr Sdn 750Li xDrive AWD 4dr Sdn 750i xDrive AWD 4dr Sdn AT 4dr Sdn AT (Natl) 4dr Sdn AT Navigation 4dr Sdn AWD 4dr Sdn AWD w/1SA 4dr Sdn Auto 1LT 4dr Sdn Auto 2LT 4dr Sdn Auto 2WD Tech 4dr Sdn Auto CE 4dr Sdn Auto Diesel 4dr Sdn Auto EX 4dr Sdn Auto GLS 4dr Sdn Auto GLS (Alabama Plant) 4dr Sdn Auto GLS *Ltd Avail* 4dr Sdn Auto GLS PZEV (Alabama Plant) 4dr Sdn Auto LE 4dr Sdn Auto LS 4dr Sdn Auto LT 4dr Sdn Auto LT w/1LT 4dr Sdn Auto LX 4dr Sdn Auto Limited (Alabama Plant) 4dr Sdn Auto S 4dr Sdn Auto SE (Alabama Plant) 4dr Sdn Auto i Grand Touring 4dr Sdn Auto i SV 4dr Sdn Auto i Sport 4dr Sdn Auto i Sport VE 4dr Sdn Auto i Touring 4dr Sdn Auto i Touring *Ltd Avail* 4dr Sdn Auto i Touring Plus 4dr Sdn Auto i Touring Value 4dr Sdn Auto quattro 2.0T Premium Plus 4dr Sdn Auto s Touring 4dr Sdn C AWD 4dr Sdn CVT LE 4dr Sdn CVT LE Plus 4dr Sdn CVT LE Premium 4dr Sdn CVT Limited 4dr Sdn CVT S 4dr Sdn CVT S Plus 4dr Sdn CVT S Premium 4dr Sdn CX 4dr Sdn CXL 4dr Sdn CXL 3.0L FWD 4dr Sdn CXL AWD 4dr Sdn CXL FWD 4dr Sdn CXL RL5 (Russelsheim) *Ltd Avail* 4dr Sdn CXL V6 4dr Sdn CXS 4dr Sdn CXS 3.6L 4dr Sdn DSG *Ltd Avail* 4dr Sdn DX Auto 4dr Sdn E350 Luxury 4MATIC *Ltd Avail* 4dr Sdn E350 Luxury RWD 4dr Sdn FWD 4dr Sdn GT 4dr Sdn GXP 4dr Sdn H4 Auto 2.5i 4dr Sdn H4 Auto 2.5i Limited 4dr Sdn H4 Auto 2.5i PZEV 4dr Sdn H4 Auto 2.5i Prem AWP 4dr Sdn H4 Auto 2.5i Premium 4dr Sdn H4 Auto 2.5i Sport 4dr Sdn H4 Auto Prem All-Weather 4dr Sdn I4 2.5 4dr Sdn I4 2.5 S 4dr Sdn I4 2.5 SL 4dr Sdn I4 2.5 SL *Ltd Avail* 4dr Sdn I4 2.5 SV 4dr Sdn I4 Auto 4dr Sdn I4 Auto LE 4dr Sdn I4 Auto LE (Natl) *Ltd Avail* 4dr Sdn I4 Auto Limited 4dr Sdn I4 Auto SE 4dr Sdn I4 Auto SE (Natl) *Ltd Avail* 4dr Sdn I4 Auto XLE 4dr Sdn I4 Auto XLE (Natl) *Ltd Avail* 4dr Sdn I4 CVT 2.0 4dr Sdn I4 CVT 2.0 SL 4dr Sdn I4 CVT 2.0 SR FE+ 4dr Sdn I4 CVT 2.5 S 4dr Sdn I4 CVT 2.5 SL 4dr Sdn I4 CVT S 4dr Sdn I4 CVT SR 4dr Sdn I4 CVT SV 4dr Sdn L 4dr Sdn LE Auto 4dr Sdn LS 4dr Sdn LS w/1FL 4dr Sdn LS w/1LS 4dr Sdn LT 3.5L 4dr Sdn LT Fleet 4dr Sdn LT w/1LT 4dr Sdn LT w/2LT 4dr Sdn LTZ 4dr Sdn LTZ w/1LZ 4dr Sdn LX 4dr Sdn Leather FWD 4dr Sdn Leather Group 4dr Sdn Limited 4dr Sdn Limited FWD 4dr Sdn Luxury AWD 4dr Sdn Luxury Collection AWD 4dr Sdn Luxury Collection FWD 4dr Sdn Luxury FWD 4dr Sdn Luxury I 4dr Sdn Man Premium 4dr Sdn Man Prestige 4dr Sdn Manual CE 4dr Sdn Premier w/2LZ 4dr Sdn Premium 3 FWD 4dr Sdn Premium AWD 4dr Sdn Premium Collection 4dr Sdn Premium FWD 4dr Sdn Premium I FWD 4dr Sdn Premium II FWD 4dr Sdn Premium II AWD 4dr Sdn Quattroporte S Q4 4dr Sdn RWD 4dr Sdn RWD w/1SA 4dr Sdn S AWD 4dr Sdn S Auto 4dr Sdn S Q4 4dr Sdn SE 4dr Sdn SE FWD 4dr Sdn SEL FWD 4dr Sdn SRT8 RWD 4dr Sdn SXT 4dr Sdn SXT RWD 4dr Sdn Sport AWD 4dr Sdn Tech Pkg 4dr Sdn Titanium 4dr Sdn Touring 4dr Sdn Touring FWD 4dr Sdn V6 3.5 SL 4dr Sdn V6 3.5 SL *Ltd Avail* 4dr Sdn V6 Auto SE 4dr Sdn V6 CVT 3.5 SV 4dr Sdn V6 CVT 3.5 SV w/Premium Pkg 4dr Sdn V6 CXL 4dr Sdn V8 CXL Special Edition 4dr Sdn Vsport Premium AWD 4dr Sdn XJL 4dr Sdn XL w/Bucket Seats 4dr Sdn XLE 4dr Sdn XLE Touring 4dr Sdn XLE V6 Auto 4dr Sdn i Auto I4 4dr Sdn quattro 3.0T Premium Plus 4dr Sdn quattro 4.2L Prestige 4dr Sdn w/1SB 4dr Sedan Manual L w/PQ Equipment 4dr Sport 4WD 4dr Sport Sdn Auto AWD 4dr V6 4dr V6 4WD w/3rd Row 4dr V6 AT EX-L 4dr V6 AT LX SE 4dr V6 Auto EX-L 4dr V6 Auto Touring 4dr Value Edition Manual 4dr Wgn 4dr Wgn 2.5i Limited PZEV 4dr Wgn 2.5i Premium PZEV 4dr Wgn Aero 4dr Wgn Crew 4dr Wgn Eddie Bauer AWD 4dr Wgn H4 Auto 2.5i 4dr Wgn H4 Auto 2.5i Limited 4dr Wgn H4 Auto 2.5i Limited Pwr Moon 4dr Wgn H4 Auto 2.5i Prem AWP 4dr Wgn H4 Auto 2.5i Premium 4dr Wgn H6 Auto 3.6R Limited 4dr Wgn LX 4dr Wgn R/T 4dr Wgn SE w/RSE & Navigation 4dr Wgn SXT 4dr Wgn Touring 4dr Wgn Touring-L 4dr Wgn V6 AWD 4dr Wgn V6 AWD Limited 4dr Wgn V6 AWD XLE 4dr XE 4WD V6 Auto 4dr x AWD 5dr 2.0i Touring 5dr Auto 2.0i 5dr Auto 2.0i Limited 5dr Auto 2.0i Premium 5dr Auto 2.0i Sport Premium 5dr Auto i 5dr CVT 5dr CVT 2.0i Limited 5dr CVT 2.0i Premium 5dr EX-L 5dr EX-L w/Navi 5dr EX-L w/RES 5dr EX-L w/RES & Navi 5dr HB 5dr HB Auto 5dr HB Auto GS 5dr HB Auto LS 5dr HB Auto PZEV 5dr HB Auto Sport 5dr HB Auto i Grand Touring 5dr HB Auto i Sport 5dr HB Auto i Touring 5dr HB Auto s Grand Touring 5dr HB CVT 1.6 SV 5dr HB CVT EX 5dr HB CVT LT w/1LT 5dr HB Four 5dr HB I4 Auto 1.8 S 5dr HB I4 Manual 1.8 S 5dr HB III 5dr HB LS 5dr HB Man 5dr HB Man Crossover Technology AWD 5dr HB Man Mazdaspeed3 Sport 5dr HB Man i Grand Touring 5dr HB Man i Sport 5dr HB Mazdaspeed3 Sport*Ltd Avail* 5dr HB Pop 5dr HB SE 5dr HB ST 5dr HB Three 5dr HB Trekking 5dr HB Two 5dr HB XE 5dr LE FWD 7-Passenger 5dr LX 5dr Man 2.0i Premium 5dr Outback Auto w/GB Equip 5dr Touring 5dr Wgn 3.0L Luxury AWD 5dr Wgn 3.6L Performance AWD 5dr Wgn CVT SL AWD 5dr Wgn CVT SV AWD 5dr Wgn Man 5dr Wgn Std Manual 5dr Wgn XR Auto AWD 5dr XLE Limited AWD AWD 4dr AWD 4dr 1500 Denali AWD 4dr 2.0T AWD 4dr 2.0T w/Saddle Int AWD 4dr 2.4 AWD 4dr 3.0L Platinum AWD 4dr 3.0L Premier Plus AWD 4dr 3.0si AWD 4dr 3.2L Premier Plus PZEV AWD 4dr 35i Premium AWD 4dr 5-Pass Gray Int AWD 4dr Auto GLS AWD 4dr Auto GLS PZEV AWD 4dr Auto Grand Touring AWD 4dr Auto Limited w/XM AWD 4dr Auto Sport AWD 4dr Auto Touring AWD 4dr CVT EX-L w/Navi AWD 4dr CVT LX AWD 4dr CXL AWD 4dr CXL w/1XL AWD 4dr CXL-1 AWD 4dr Citadel AWD 4dr Convenience AWD 4dr Denali AWD 4dr EX AWD 4dr Elite w/RES & Navi AWD 4dr GLS AWD 4dr H4 AT X AWD 4dr I4 LX AWD 4dr I4-GDI EX AWD 4dr LE AWD 4dr LS AWD 4dr LT AWD 4dr LT w/1LT AWD 4dr LT w/2LT AWD 4dr Leather AWD 4dr Limited AWD 4dr Luxury AWD 4dr Luxury Collection AWD 4dr Mainstreet AWD 4dr Performance Collection AWD 4dr Platinum AWD 4dr Premium AWD 4dr Premium Collection AWD 4dr R/T AWD 4dr S AWD 4dr S ALL4 AWD 4dr SE AWD 4dr SE PZEV AWD 4dr SL AWD 4dr SLE AWD 4dr SLE w/SLE-1 AWD 4dr SLE w/SLE-2 AWD 4dr SLE-2 AWD 4dr SLE2 AWD 4dr SLT AWD 4dr SLT w/SLT-1 AWD 4dr SLT-1 AWD 4dr SLT-2 AWD 4dr SLT1 AWD 4dr SLT2 AWD 4dr SV AWD 4dr SX AWD 4dr SXT AWD 4dr Signature AWD 4dr Sport AWD 4dr Tech Pkg AWD 4dr Tech/Entertainment Pkg AWD 4dr Touring AWD 4dr Touring w/RES & Navi AWD 4dr V6 AWD 4dr V6 Auto SE AWD 4dr V6 EX AWD 4dr V6 LE AWD 4dr V6 XLE AWD 4dr V6 XR AWD 4dr XLE AWD 4dr xDrive28i AWD 4dr xDrive35d AWD 4dr xDrive35i AWD 4dr xDrive35i Premium AWD 4dr xDrive50i AWD 5dr EX AWD 5dr EX-L AWD 5dr EX-L w/Navi AWD 5dr LX AWD 5dr SE AWD 5dr Touring AWD Crew Cab 143.5" Denali CXL AWD Club Cab 131" WB 4WD SLT Crew Cab 143.5" WB 4WD LT3 CrewMax 5.7L V8 6-Spd AT 1794 CrewMax 5.7L V8 6-Spd AT LTD CrewMax 5.7L V8 6-Spd AT Platinum CrewMax 5.7L V8 6-Spd AT SR5 Double Cab 5.7L V8 6-Spd AT DoubleCab V6 Auto 4WD DoubleCab V8 SR5 4WD EX AT EX Auto V6 w/Leather/XM EX Auto w/Leather EX Auto w/Leather/XM EX-L AT EX-L AT with RES EX-L MT Express 4x4 Quad Cab 6'4" Box Ext Cab 143.5" WB FWD 115" LS FWD 4dr FWD 4dr 2.0T FWD 4dr 2.4 FWD 4dr Auto GLS FWD 4dr Auto Sport FWD 4dr Convenience FWD 4dr Crossroad FWD 4dr Denali FWD 4dr GLS FWD 4dr I4 Auto GLS FWD 4dr I4 Auto XLT FWD 4dr LS FWD 4dr LT w/1LT FWD 4dr LT w/2LT FWD 4dr Leather FWD 4dr Limited FWD 4dr Luxury Collection FWD 4dr Performance Collection FWD 4dr Premium FWD 4dr S FWD 4dr SE FWD 4dr SL FWD 4dr SLE FWD 4dr SLE w/SLE-1 FWD 4dr SLE w/SLE-2 FWD 4dr SLE-1 FWD 4dr SLE1 FWD 4dr SLT w/SLT-1 FWD 4dr SXT FWD 4dr Touring FWD 4dr Trekking FWD 4dr V6 FWD 4dr V6 XR FWD 4dr Wolfsburg FWD 4dr i SV G35x 4dr Sdn AWD Auto ION 2 4dr Sdn Auto ION 3 4dr Sdn Auto LE 4WD LX AT Limited 2.0L Auto PZEV (Alabama) *Ltd Avail* Limited Manual None Outback 2.5i Auto Outback 2.5i Ltd Auto Platinum 3.5L RTL AT RWD 2500 135" RWD 2500 170" S 3.5L SE 2.0L Auto (Alabama) *Ltd Avail* SE 2.0L Auto (Ulsan Plant) SE Automatic SE Crew Cab V6 Auto LB SH-AWD 4dr Tech Pkg SXT RWD Supercab 142" XLT 4WD Supercab Flareside 145" FX4 4WD VP AT X5 4dr AWD 3.0i quattro 4dr 3.0L TDI Prestige xDrive28i Sports Activity Vehicle xDrive35i Sports Activity Vehicle
26.2 Yellow Absolutely Red Alabaster Silver Metallic Alpine White Amber Bronze Metallic Amber Brownstone Metallic Amethyst Gray Anvil Clear Coat Arancio (Orange) Arctic Blue Metallic Arctic White Ash Black Ash Black Mica Ashen Gray Metallic Aspen White Atlantic Blue Atlantic Blue Pearl Atlantis Blue Metallic Attitude Black Attitude Black Metallic Aurora Blue Azure Grey Metallic Azurite Blue Baja Yellow Clearcoat Bali Blue Pearl Barbera Red Metallic Barcelona Red Metallic Basque Red Pearl II Basque Red Pearl Ii Beige Bellanova White Pearl Berry Red Beryllium Bianco Bianco Perla (Pearl White Tri Coat) Billet Silver Metallic Billet Silver Metallic Clearcoat Black Black Amethyst Black Cherry Black Cherry Metallic Black Cherry Mica Black Clearcoat Black Diamond Tricoat Black Forest Pearl Black Granite Metallic Black Ice Metallic Black Mica Black Noir Pearl Black Obsidian Black Onyx Black Raven Black Sand Pearl Black Sapphire Metallic Black Stone Black Uni Blackdarkgranite Blackgranite Blazing Yellow Blizzard Blizzard Pearl Blue Blue Crush Metallic Blue Granite Metallic Blue Ink Blue Ray Metallic Blue Reflex Mica Blue Ribbon Metallic Blue Slate Blue Streak Metallic Blue Topaz Metallic Blue Water Metallic Bluestone Metallic Bordeaux Black Bordeaux Reserve Boston Red Metallic Bright Silver Bright Silver Metallic Bright Silver Metallic Clearcoat Bright Silver Metallic Clearcoat With Black Clearc Bright White Bright White Clearcoat Brilliant Black Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl Brilliant Black Crystal Pearlcoat Brilliant Silve Brilliant Silver Brilliant Silver Metallic British Racing Green Metallic Bronze Bronzo Siena Metallescent Brown Brown Sugar Metallic Brownstone Metallic Camel Pearl Camellia Red Pearl Candy White Canyon Red Caramel Bronze Pearl Carbide Gray Metallic Carbon Black Carbon Black Me Carbon Black Metallic Carbon Bronze Pearl Carbon Metallic Catalunya Copper Cayenne Red Cayenne Red Metallic Celestial Silver Metallic Century White Ceramic Metallic Champagne Champagne Silver Metallic Charcoal Chestnut Bronze Chestnut Bronze Metallic Circuit Silver Classic Silver Metallic Classic White Clear White Clover Green Pearl Cocoa Metallic Coliseum Grey Copper Red Mica Copperhead Pearlcoat Cosmic Blue Metallic Cosmic Gray Mica Coulis Red Cranberry Creme Brulee Mica Crimson Black Metallic Crimson Pearl Crimson Red Crystal Black Pearl Crystal Black Silica Crystal Red Tintcoat Crystal White Pearl Crystal White Pearl Mica Crystal White Tricoat Cyber Gray Metallic Cypress Green Pearl Cypress Pearl Dark Adriatic Blue Metallic Dark Amber Metallic Dark Blue Metallic Dark Blue Pearl Dark Blue Pearl Metallic Dark Cherry Metallic Dark Cherry Pearl Dark Cherry Pearl Metallic Dark Cherry Red Dark Granite Metallic Dark Graphite Metallic Dark Gray Metallic Dark Mocha Metallic Dark Sapphire Blue Dark Stone Metallic Darkadriaticblue Daytona Blue Metallic Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic Deep Black Metallic Deep Blue Metallic Deep Blue Pearl Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl With Light Graystone Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearlcoat Deep Crystal Blue Mica Deep Espresso Brown Metallic Deep Green Metallic Deep Impact Blue Metallic Deep Indigo Pearl Deep Ruby Metallic Deep Sea Blue Metallic Deep Water Blue Pearl Desert Khaki Desert Rock Metallic Desert Sand Mica Desert Shadow Diamond Graphite Metallic Diamond Gray Metallic Diamond Silver Diamond Slate Diamond White Pearl Dk.Bluesapphiremet Dyno Blue Pearl Ebony Ebony Black Electric Blue Metallic Electric Orange Tri Coat Pearlcoat Electrolyte Green Emerald Green Metallic Emerald Jewel Metallic Estoril Blue Metallic Fire Red Firecracker Red Clear Coat Firecracker Red Clearcoat Flame Red Flame Red Clearcoat Flint Mica Florett Silver Metallic/Black Roof Formal Black Fortana Red Fresh Powder Frost White Pearl Fuji White G Galactic Gray Metallic Galaxy Gray Metallic Galaxy Gray Mica Garnet Red Pearl Garnet Red Pearl Effect Giallo (Yellow) Glacier Blue Metallic Glacier Pearl Glacier Silver Metallic Glacier White Glacier White Metallic Gloss Black Gold Gold Mist Metallic Goldmist Granite Crystal Metallic Clearcoat Granito Lucente (Granite Crystal) Graphite Blue Graphite Gray Metallic Graphite Luster Metallic Graphite Metallic Graphite Mica Graphite Pearl Graphite Shadow Gray Gray Flannel Metallic Graystone Metallic Green Green Gem Metallic Green Goodwood Metallic Grigio Metallic Grigio Nuvolari (Grey) Gun Metallic Harbor Gray Metallic Harbour Blue Highland Green Metallic Hyperbluemetallic Ice Blue Metallic Ice Silver Metallic Ice White Imperial Blue Metallic Indigo Blue Metallic Indigo Blue Pearl Indigo Ink Pearl Indigo Lights Mica Indus Silver Metallic Inferno Red Crystal Pearl Ingot Silver Ingot Silver Metallic Iridescent Silver Blue Pearl Iridium Metallic Iridium Silver Metallic Ivory Pearl Ivory White Jasmine Green Metallic Jasmine Green Pearl Jasper Pearl Java Metallic Jeep Green Metallic Jet Black Jet Black Mica Juniper Green Just Blue Metallic Kodiak Brown Metallic Kona Coffee Metallic Labrador Black Pearl Lake Silver Metallic Lakeside Blue Lava Gray Pearl Effect Light Coffee Light Green Metallic Light Khaki Metallic Light Platinum Light Silver Metallic Light Steel Gray Metallic Light White Linen Gold Metallic Pearl Liquid Onyx Liquid Platinum Liquid Silver Liquid Silver Metallic Lunar Mist Metallic Lunar Silver Metallic Luxury Brown Pearlcoat Magnesium Metallic Magnetic Black Magnetic Gray Magnetic Gray Metallic Magnetic Metallic Magnetic Red Metallic Malbec Black Marathon Blue Pearl Marine Blue Pearl Mariner Blue Maroon Maximum Steel Metallic Clearcoat Medium Gray Medium Wedgewood Blue Met Melbourne Red Metallic Mercury Silver Metallic Merlot Pearl Metallic Blue Meteor Gray Mica Midnight Black Midnight Black Metallic Midnight Blue Metallic Midnight Blue Pearl Midnight Garnet Midnight Garnet Metallic Midnight Jade Milano Red Millennium Silver Metallic Mineral Gray Mineral Gray Metallic Mineral Grey Metallic Mineral Silver Mineral Silver Metallic Mocha Bronze Metallic Mocha Steel Metallic Modern Blue Pearl Modern Blue Pearlcoat Modern Steel Metallic Monaco Blue Metallic Monaco White Montego Blue Metallic Moonlight White Moonstone (Charcoal) Moonstone Silver Moroccan Red Pearl Mosaic Black Metallic Mountain Air Metallic Mystic Gray Mythos Black Metallic Nautic Blue Metallic Nautical Blue Nautical Blue Metallic Navy Blue Metallic Nero Puro (Streight Black) Newport Blue Pearl Night Armor Night Armor Pearl Night Sky Pearl Nighthawk Black Pearl Nouveau Blue Oasis Green Pearl Obsidian Obsidian Black Metallic Obsidian Black Pearl Obsidian Blue Pearl Onyx Black Oolong Gray Metallic Opulent Blue Pearl Orange Oxford White Pacific Blue Metallic Pacific Blue Pearl Pacific Sunset Metallic Palladium Metallic Paprika Red Pearl Parisian Night Pearl Patriot Blue Pearl Pearl White Pearl White Mica Pepper Gray Metallic Phantom Black Phantom Black Metallic Phantom Gray Metallic Phantom Gray Pearl Pitch Black Clearcoat Platinum Graphi Platinum Graphite Platinum Gray Platinum Gray Metallic Platinum Ice Tricoat Platinum Metallic Platinum Silver Polished Metal Metallic Polished Slate Porcelain White Pearl Predawn Gray Mica Premium Color Magnetic Red Metallic Ii Pure Red Pure White Pyrite Mica Quartz Blue Pearl Quartz White Pearl Quicksilver Quicksilver Metallic Radiant Silver Radiant Silver Metallic Rainforest Green Metallic Rallye Red Red Red Alert Red Alert Metallic Red Brawn Pearl Red Crystal Pearl Red E Red Hot Red Jewel Tintcoat Red Obsession Tintcoat Redfire Metallic Redline 2 Coat Pearl Redondo Red Pearl Reef Blue Metallic Reflex Silver Metallic Regal Red Pearl Remington Red Metallic Rhodium Silver Metallic Rosso Energia Pearlescent Royal Blue Pearl Royal Red Metallic Ruby Black Metallic Ruby Red Ruby Red Metallic Ruby Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat Ruby Red Pearl Sage Brush Pearl Sage Green Sage Green Metallic Sagemist Metallic Salsa Red Pearl San Marino Red Sand Beige Metallic Sangria Red Mica Sapphire Black Sapphire Black Metallic Sapphire Blue Metallic Satin Cashmere Metallic Satin Metal Satin Silver Metallic Satin White Pearl Seashell Metallic Sedona Bronze Metallic Sepang Green Metallic Serrano Red Sheer Silver Metallic Shimmering White Shoreline Blue Pearl Silver Silver Birch Metallic Silver Birch/Dark Gray Metallic Silver Blue Silver Blue Metallic Silver Clearcoat Metallic Silver Coast Metallic Silver Frost Metallic Silver Ice Metallic Silver Metallic Silver Pearl Silver Shadow Pearl Silver Sky Metallic Silver Spruce Metallic Silver. Silverstone Metallic Siren Red Tintcoat Sizzling Crimson Mica Sky Blue Mica Sky Blue Pearl Slate Grey Metallic Slate Metallic Smoky Topaz Metallic Snow White Pearl Snowflake White Pearl Mica Solid White Sonic Silver Metalic Soul Red Soul Red Metallic Space Gray Metallic Spark Silver Metallic Sparkling Bronze Metallic Sparkling Silver Special Order Color Speedway Blue Spice Red Spicy Red Splash Sport Red Spruce Mica Star Silver Steel Blue Metallic Steel Gray Metallic Sterling Gray Metallic Sterling Grey Metallic Stone Blue Metallic Stone White Stone White Clearcoat Storm Blue Storm Blue Metallic Storm Front Grey Storm Gray Metallic Storm Silver Metallic Stormy Blue Mica Summit White Summitwhite Sunlight Copper Pearl Sunlight Silver Metallic Super Black Super White Superblk Supersonic Blue Metallic Symphony Silver Taffeta White Tan Tango Red Pearl Taupe Gray Metallic Tempest Blue Metallic Terra Mocha Metallic Thunder Gray Chromaflair Thunder Gray Metallic Timberland Mica Timberline Timberline Green Pearl Tinted Bronze Titanium Titanium Flash Mica Titanium Grey Metallic Titanium Metallic Titanium Silver Torch Red Tornado Red Touring Grey Triathlon Gray Metallic True Blue Clearcoat Metallic True Blue Metallic True Blue Pearlcoat True Red Tungsten Gray Metallic Tungsten Metallic Tuscan Olive Tuscan Sun Metallic Tuxedo Black Tuxedo Black Metallic Twilight Black Twilight Blue Metallic Ultra Black Pearl Ultra Silver Metallic Urban Titanium Metallic Velocity Red Mica Venetian Red Venetian Red Metallic Venetian Red Pearl Venetian Ruby Vermillion Red Metallic Victory Red Vista Blue Metallic White White Diamond White Diamond Pearl White Diamond Tricoat White Opal White Orchid Pearl White Platinum Metallic Tri Coat White Platinum Metallic Tri-Coat White Platinum Tri-Coat Metallic White Silver Metallic Wicked Black Wilderness Green Metallic Willow Gray Willow Green Opal/Moss Green Windy Sea Blue Winter Frost Pearl Winter Gray Metallic Winter White Yellow Yellow Rush
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Clean. JUST REPRICED FROM $12,991. 3rd Row Seat, Sunroof, Heated Leather Seats, iPod/MP3 Input, Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, Alloy Wheels, All Wheel Drive, Rear Air, Serviced here, Non-Smoker vehicle. CLICK ME!PRICED TO MOVE: Reduced from $12,991.KEY FEATURES INCLUDE: Rear Air, Heated Driver Seat, Satellite Radio, iPod/MP3 Input, Bluetooth. Rear Spoiler, Leather Seats, Third Row Seat, MP3 Player, Privacy Glass. Serviced here, Non-Smoker vehicle. Acura MDX with Formal Black exterior and Taupe interior features a V6 Cylinder Engine with 300 HP at 6000 RPM*.EXPERTS REPORT: IIHS Top Safety Pick. explains "Re-imagined as a sleek blend of family hauler and performance machine, the Acura MDX is miles ahead of its predecessor; enthusiasts will love it, and it's still able to comfortably manage both kids and groceries following a weekend trek to Trader Joe's.". 5 Star Driver Front Crash Rating. 5 Star Driver Side Crash Rating.OUR OFFERINGS: Faulkner Honda has earned the prestigious "Best Dealerships to Work For" award again for 2015. This recognition program is dedicated to finding and recognizing the best employers in the retail automobile industry! It is also your assurance that you are visiting a dealership that places the highest value on you, the customer, as well as our employees and their families. We also offer FREE delivery within 400 miles of our dealership to bring this high level of customer service right to your home o Pricing analysis performed on 2/25/2017. Horsepower calculations based on trim engine configuration. Please confirm the accuracy of the included equipment by calling us prior to purchase.
Extra Clean, CARFAX 1-Owner, GREAT MILES 29,472! PRICE DROP FROM $33,671, $400 below Kelley Blue Book! 3rd Row Seat, Sunroof, Navigation, Heated Leather Seats, Premium Sound System, Back-Up Camera, All Wheel Drive, Rear Air CLICK NOW!KEY FEATURES INCLUDE: Power Liftgate, Rear Air, Heated Driver Seat, Back-Up Camera, Premium Sound System Leather Seats, Rear Spoiler, Third Row Seat, MP3 Player, Remote Trunk Release.OPTION PACKAGES: Bluetooth Handsfreelink Wireless Phone Connectivity, Dual Stage Driver And Passenger Front Airbags, Curtain 1St, 2Nd And 3Rd Row Airbags, Express Open/Close Sliding And Tilting Glass 1St Row Sunroof W/Sunshade, Engine: 3.5L 24V Sohc I-Vtec V6, Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic -Inc: Sequential Sportshift W/Paddle Shifters And Grade Logic Control, Wheels: 19" X 8" Machine Finished Aluminum-Alloy. Acura Tech Pkg with Graphite Luster Metallic exterior and Graystone interior features a V6 Cylinder Engine with 290 HP at 6200 RPM*. Serviced here, Non-Smoker vehicle.EXPERTS RAVE: "Superbly crafted interior; capable handling; good fuel economy; quiet, comfortable ride; long list of standard and available features." Great Gas Mileage: 27 MPG Hwy.PRICED TO MOVE: Reduced from $33,671. This MDX is priced $400 below Kelley Blue Book.MORE ABOUT US: Faulkner Honda has earned the prestigious "Best Dealerships to Work For" award again for 2015. This recognition program is dedicated to finding and recognizing the best employers in the retail automobile industry! It is also your assurance that you are visiting a dealership that places the highest value on you, the customer Pricing analysis performed on 2/25/2017. Horsepower calculations based on trim engine configuration. Fuel economy calculations based on original manufacturer data for trim engine configuration. Please confirm the accuracy of the included equipment by calling us prior to purchase.
Excellent Condition. JUST REPRICED FROM $9,995. NAV, Sunroof, Heated Leather Seats, Bluetooth, iPod/MP3 Input, Dual Zone A/C, Multi-CD Changer, Turbo, Alloy Wheels, All Wheel Drive, Satellite Radio, Back-Up Camera. AND MORE!KEY FEATURES INCLUDE: Sunroof, Heated Driver Seat, Back-Up Camera, Satellite Radio, iPod/MP3 Input, Bluetooth, Multi-CD Changer, Dual Zone A/C, Heated Seats, Heated Leather Seats Rear Spoiler, Navigation, MP3 Player, All Wheel Drive. Acura Tech Pkg with Carbon Bronze Pearl exterior and Ebony interior features a 4 Cylinder Engine with 240 HP at 6000 RPM*. 1yr Free Oil Changes & Tire Rotations, Just PA state inspected !EXPERTS ARE SAYING: IIHS Top Safety Pick. "As Acura's compact crossover SUV, the RDX puts heavy emphasis on the sport part of the "sport-utility vehicle" name. Its muscular turbocharged engine, grippy "Super-Handling All-Wheel-Drive" (SH-AWD) system and agile, firmly tuned suspension with big tires are clearly aimed at driving enthusiasts who'd like a little extra cargo room." 5 Star Driver Front Crash Rating. 5 Star Driver Side Crash Rating.AFFORDABILITY: Was $9,995. Approx. Original Base Sticker Price: $36,500*.BUY FROM AN AWARD WINNING DEALER: Come to Faulkner Mazda Test Drive the newest Mazda vehicles or Used Cars and Trucks. Shopping for more Finance Options? Want more Money for your Trade In? We offer Convenience, Savings, Selection, Exceptional Service and Money Saving Specials to our Philadelphia, PA area customers. Come in today or contact our dealership by phone or by our online contact us form. We want to see you in a new Mazda or Used Car today. Pricing analysis performed on 2/25/2017. Horsepower calculations based on trim engine configuration. Please confirm the accuracy of the included equipment by calling us prior to purchase.
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Price plus tax, license, document preparation charge, and finance charges and smog fees (used vehicles only), where applicable. While every effort has been made to ensure display of accurate data and pricing, this listing may not reflect all accurate vehicle data or pricing and is subject to human error. All Inventory listed is subject to prior sale. The photo shown, if any, may be an example only. Please consult dealership personnel for further details. Payment calculator is for illustration purposes only. Your interest rate may vary and is based on your credit score. Also your down payment or trade value may vary. You can adjust these values to better fit your situation.