Our Commitment

Commitment to the customer. This is the idea in which all Faulkner Collision Centers live by. We are committed to delivering to you the best body shop service you have ever experienced. We strive to constantly improve our services and facilities to not only lead the industry, but serve you better. That means that each Faulkner Collision Center you visit will have the best up-to-date equipment and facilities possible. We continually refine our processes to make repairs quicker and better. Each repair is treated uniquely and differently, just as each customer is unique. We promise that your car will be given all the time and effort necessary to provide it with the best repair process possible. In the end, you will be surprised with how amazing each and every repair done at Faulkner turns out. In addition, our service representatives and technicians are trained to deliver you equal quality assistance the moment you reach our doors. Our customer service is committed in making you feel welcome here at Faulkner. Even though you may only be with us for a short while, we want to make that experience a warm and welcoming one. Our employees are here for you. You can expect not just a repair representative, but a friend. We hope to become the center of choice for all your auto body needs.

This means that you can consistently expect that here at Faulkner, you will always receive the best quality repair service any one of Collision Centers. Whether you are looking for free estimate or here for an appointment, you can expect to receive a satisfactory experience, guaranteed. We will never forget our commitment to you. Come in now, and see the Faulkner commitment for yourself.

Our Locations
Our Services

Our Collision Centers offer a full range of services for your use. You will be amazed at the list of services provided at each Faulkner Collision Center. Each location comes fully equipped to provide consistent results for any service that you find. You can find some examples of services on this website. If you find what you need at Faulkner, please come in and have one of our trained technicians give you a free estimate!

Our services include

Our Repair Process

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At Faulkner, even our repair process is done with you in mind. We try out best to use world class facilities and tools to get your car repaired skillfully and efficiently. With years of experience, Faulkner Collision Centers have broken down our processes to effect steps. We guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised with not only the quality of our process, but they speed as well. Please look below for some of steps that our technicians take to service you.

Free Estimates

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When it comes to estimates, our collision centers make sure that you are getting the fairest price around. Our technicians will analyze your problem, and make sure you get the best evaluation and price possible. You can expect every price you receive at Faulkner is accurate and competitive to industry standards. Please come in today, and get your free estimate.

Auto Glass

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Come to Faulkner with any glass problems you may have. Whether it is your windshield or any other panel, we will replace and fix any problems related to your auto glass. Our technicians have a state of the art process in replacing and fixing all glass problems. Your glass will come out looking better than ever before. The next time you have an auto glass problem, schedule an appointment at one of our Faulkner Collision Centers to get your glass fixed.

Paintless Dent Repair

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Whatever the paintless dent damage you have, our technicians are trained to beautifully return your car to its previous dent-free state. The dent repair is expertly done, which cuts down on much time. This means that you get your dent-free car back faster. For quick and high quality paintless dent repair, come to one of Collision Centers today!


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Stuck somewhere? Do not worry, we will provide towing services for your convenience. Whatever the roadside problem is, give us a call, and we can get our towing partners to come deliver your car to a Faulkner Collision Center. We promise that we get you off the side of the road as fast as possible and into one of our centers. Before you know it, your car will be back on the road. Please call us for any situation in which you may need us.

Rental Cars

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Here at Faulkner, we are here to do what’s most convenient for you. Therefore, we offer on-site car rentals for your use. Whatever the emergency, you will have the peace of mind that you will have a rental car service at our Collision Centers for your use. The tow company will make sure to make you top priority, guaranteeing that you will get your car fixed faster. This service is here to save you both time and money, and it’s just another reason why we are trying to provide you with the best service around.

Lifetime Warranty

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Our technicians are proud of their work, and so are we. At Faulkner, we are confident in our ability to help you with any of your auto body needs. That is why at Faulkner, we offer a lifetime warranty for all repairs. If you have any problems after Faulkner repair, come back, and we will fix your problems, guaranteed. This is just another part of our commitment to you. Please call or come in if you have any questions about our lifetime warranty or would like schedule an appointment!

Insurance Partners

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Insurance companies choose to partner with Collision Centers they can trust. That is why here at Faulkner we are partnered with all major insurance companies. This means that for more times than not, we are partnered with your insurance company to deliver you a better service and process. With our insurance partners, we hope to deliver more value to our most important partner, you.

Customer Service

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Every employee here at Faulkner, whether that is your technician, service advisor, or cashier, is here for you. Trained not only to repair your vehicle to its best state, each employee is trained to make sure you receive the best customer service possible. Come in and ask any questions you may have, and we guarantee that you receive a satisfactory answer. Just look at some of our customer reviews that we have on our site. People have continually commented about our outstanding customer service. We assure you that when you walk through Faulkner doors, you will be treated as part of the Faulkner family.

Commitment to Being Green

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The environment is an essential part in all of our lives. Therefore, at Faulkner, we make environmental protection and green policies a tremendous goal for ourselves. All of our state of the art Collision Centers and processes are held to the highest and utmost standards. Every step for ever service that we provide takes to into account the best green processes possible. This means that we are constantly reducing the environmental impact of our services. Just know that Faulkner is working to fix your auto body problems as well as protecting our environment.